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Once signed up you can download our unique iPad app and sign in to start creating easy racking inspection reports. Multiple operatives can be access the app via their own devices to create their own unique reports, and managers are able to review reports from all operatives via the convenient web app.

— Unlimited Reports Included on All Plans

Start a New Report

There's no limits once you're signed up to Racking Inspector: warehouse operatives can create as many reports as they like. Tap 'Create Report' in the app to get started - all report data will be synchronised to the cloud in real-time when online, and stored on the device whilst offline, meaning operatives don't need an internet connection whilst performing their inspections.

— Covering All the Key Elements of a Thorough Inspection

Log Essential Inspection Details

Our app features a user-friendly template that captures key inspection data, allows operatives to take photographs or pick an image from their photo library, and prompts operatives for a full range of important data points through our easy to use forms with helpful hints.

— Complete Your Report

Capture Damages & Evidence

You can store as many damage entries as required, including location, aisle, row, component and hazard information, as well as photographic evidence of any damages - all saved to the cloud. You can even search existing entries, and entries are conveniently grouped by warehouse location so it's simple to keep track of what's been covered so far.

— Review inspections performed by warehouse operatives

Download & Share Reports

As a manager you can review, download and lock reports created by warehouse operatives in PDF format, ready for distribution to colleagues to quickly action remedial work on critical racking issues. Our PDFs allow you to customise your logo, contact details and company profile to give all your reports a professional look and feel, and include helpful information regarding racking regulations.

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